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70's corn trailer

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been building a small trailer like the farm were i lived used each harvest for many years. 3ton capacity in the bin, and fastened to a old ferguson trailer and weeks trailers. they used a few of these until about 1984/85 when they started using a 10 ton triffet trailer. I've built from plasticard and used siku ferguson trailer :D



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I know it's a bit late now Pete, but as I recall, didn't they taper while still on the trailer bed - ie they didn't overhang at the back...? Looking good though mate, be nice hauling off a UH Senator... ;)

can not remember to be honest simon its been a long time and can not find any pictures of them :( this is my prototype  so its not to late to rebuild properly. do agree it would look nice next to a senetor. They had early dominator can not remember no and they used a 250, 699 and 2 135 mf's. There was a 2620 which had a accident with a drain and that was replaced by there first 4wd tractor a 290 with a loader, good old days :D :D :D

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I dont but I will ask my brother if he as because he was the farm manager at the time but the picture or drawing looks spot on mate.

Got caught short on that one a bit..... think my boss was outside on the phone watching me draw trailers through the window....  :-\ :-[:-X:D :D :D

It's been a long time since I saw one, and I would only have been a kid but I thought that was pretty close...

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Fashionably late with this reply.  :D

I cut ours up a couple of years ago but here is the tail section upside down on the scrap pile. Sorry about pic quality, hope you can get the gist of it. It used to overhang the weeks 3 ton trailer by about 18"



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WOW... the memories  ;)

I remember clinging for what I thought was dear life in one of those trailers every year while it was tipped up any unloaded..what fun  ;)

Thanks for the pics guys  ;)

Yup, used to sit in trailer and get 'buried' in the grain too - can you imagine getting away with that today :o :o :o

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