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Well I have put the airbrush down for a few nights as I want a fendt 718 and the siku one was not realy what I wanted, front linkage and cab....nasty.But I love the wheels and tyres, so I thought I would have a crack at so of this convo stuff :D.

I am using a UH 820 and the siku 718, wheels and hood but the UH front grill, it is a little more involved than I thought as I have had to lift the cab a few mm and do a fare bit of modding on the front wheels and hubs. And I have had to use the siku front mudgards as it just didn't look right with the narrow UH front gards ::) anyway here it is say what you think as this is my first shot at a cut n shut :D



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Thank everyone. I will try to get a bit more done, I am going to open the back window and one of the doors and add a bit of detail..........But I have got a flue bug off the wife >:(, she didn't have to share EVERYTHING ::)

Looks and sounds good Fendthead. Could you show the rest of us how to do these bits (doors and windows)?

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