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this was supposed to be a 595 but ive seen early on the 595 will be a bigger job,595 has side rails on engine and is longer so it,ll be a job for later on maybe a different chassis,the front part of the 595 will be hardest...so to keep me going for now i done a late 590 turbo,i still need to add sidelights and mirrors and get the small opico turbo badge but im near there



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Phewey.... what a lovely model she is.... front hubs are bang on as well.

The 590 4wd was one of my favourite tractors as well... a real gem of a machine  :-*

Drooling is the word Simon... In fact... I am double drooling...

We've had some superb MF conversions on here in the last few months - well done to all you skilled builders... keep it up lads... you are making an old man very happy  ;D

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the construction only a modified britains 595,added axle from a uh 5480,lenghtened the bonnet side panels as the 4wd s had this done,added steps,made weight frame,made front wheel hubs and glazed cab adding split screen for the later version and a bit of patience added too

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more of the finished model,im going to do all the 500,s through time,the 595 will be the toughest,ive never seen a model 595 done proper,its going to be a bigger job than the rest



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