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FTF Competition Entry_ 1/16th Fordson E27n Industrial

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Mornin' everybody.

As jack (stehos) has asked for some photos of the model i thought I'd better crack on and get some up!

The project was started on the 28th of feb after a great deal of deliberating! (this could have been a dozen or so other tractors). Despite the large amount of time from start to finish i work quite a way from home and don't drive. As a result i leave the house at 6 in the morning and don't return until 9  at night (good old British rail network for you!) so the project only got worked on during the weekends and the occasional bit of modelling on the train.

The inspiration.




The fun begins!



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The exhaust manifold had to be heavily modified to make it resemble a straight petrol unit. UH didn't model anything under the vapourising heat shield on the stock manifold so it all had to be made up.


Heavy duty drawbar fitted. I also modelled a horn to fit next to the headlight.



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......and after a very late night/morning on the day of the show it looked a little like this.




The canvas roof was made from a pair of tights (not mine!) layered up with pva, I'll be doing another roof soon for another model so will be happy to do a tutorial if anyones interested. The wood inside the cab was sourced from the darkest depths of Leicester train station from the cafe there and is infact coffee stirrers.

I've still got a little left to do such as model a couple of wing mirrors, windscreen wiper and the rear hitch but I was happy with the outcome.



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