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Great buck rake you have made there.


Thanks Texas

Use the same sort of scissor action as the britains buckrake, or i'll get some pictures of our one at work for you to look at if you like?

I will have a look at my britains one and give it a go so you dont need to get pictures thanks for the offer ;):)

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nice job mate it looks well ;)

Thanks Mate

I like the spacing and line of the tines Cerin, they're spot on fella ;)

you must have used the other glue on that then........ ;)

It nearly all went wrong when spacing them out but i was lucky ::)

Yep i used the other glue on it ;)

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looks great mate, your convos are brillant

thanks Adam

Good one! Just like the one on a TM140 in my silage pictures of last year. ;)

Thanks Tris

Is it the same this year?

nice work Cerin, you could make the push bit with plastruct, someone had done it, but i think it was fiddly? :-\

Thanks Ben

Think it will be hard might give it a go

Looking very nice  ;)

thanks Rhys

looks nice would be better if it was wider but i like that

thanks Andrew

I made it just as wide as the tractor as i didnt want it too big ;)

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