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MASSEY FERGUSON 17 slurry tanker

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Brian Brian Brian.... what a stunner mate... I am blown away by that one buddy... I think it's the first MF slurry tanker I have seen and I have to say it's brilliant  :o

I can't wait to see the 'other two' as well.... you'll have one hell of a collection if you keep this up... actually... scrub that... you have now already  :-*


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the problem with the britains body is you have to remove all the various shapes and leave it just plain round,quite a bit of cutting,filing etc....if i had a peice of round pipe it would have been smooth to start with eliminating a good 2 hours work,but im happy with the end result,the next 2 tankers are the later 100 versions,the single and tandem axle,one spreads from the top....i intend building up a good collection of mf equipment as well as tractors,ive a lot on the workbench at min and have a 100 ideas in my head which will turn into models through time,ill get to the other tankers through time but at min im really busy but i have a gem of a mf tractor coming hopefully soon.....does anyone know did mf actually manufacture these tankers because i remember using a vicon tanker years ago and during building the 17 i noticed how similar it was to the vicon i remember and wondered did they make mf,s tankers for them

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Excellent model once more. So the 17 was available in the early seventies? If you do the large wheeled 100 tanker don't forget the slope inwards at the bottom, always made them look a bit odd. I'm sure they were built by another manufacturer, couldn't have been weeks could it ??? Did Massey build anything but tractors and combines themselves in the Seventies?

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