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Some of my Standard Ford Collection


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Have you tried holding the button down halfway - letting it focus and then all the way to take the picture - I only learn't that one with my camera recently. ?The other one is if you have a macro button - try that for closer shots - Hope that helps - Nice tractors by the way ;)

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Thanks Marky, they came out fine but the files were way too big, so i had to zip em and thats the result. >:(

Instead of zipping them have you tried to resize the picture.  On my software I just reduce the picture size down to about 20% (when using my carmer on it's highest resolution) - Works for me but you'll no doubt have different software.
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Don't take a picture with the curtains/blinds in the background    the camera is focusing on the light  put up a dark background with plenty of natural light from the sides

I'm not the best photo taker    but i only have a cheap digi camera from tescos :)

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