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Hi there guy's, I thought I would have a go at not as much as a conversion more a modification to my Fendt 716. I wanted to use the tractor without the loader but also be able to put it on without to much fiddling about. So I took the tractor apart and cut the two bars whiched kept the loader in place. Then cut the pins down to size so they just go through the holes in the side of the bonnet so it stays in place. If you uderstand what all that meant then your good. Hopefully photos will explain.



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Hi, Well I have been looking around to see what I could use for the loader stands and guess what? Not much the only thing I came up with is some good old Kebab sticks, I filed them down abit and pushed them up into main rams but I still think they are a bit to thick still, if they were painted they might not look to bad. Once the loader is on they push forward up against the frame.Any idea's lads.



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