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MF 6480 tierII

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I've been wanting a 6480 for ages now so I have made a start,everything is fitted loose at the mo and I can't go much further as I'm going to fit on either a uh or artisan front linkage but need advice as to which is more suitable for this chassis.

Also want to change the rims to either 5480 rims or arion rims but I'm not sure what will look best.




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Thanks chaps still shed loads of work to do to it yet,forgotten how hard tractor convos are  ::)

Cheers Paulali,yep siku cab +floorpan which PDC sent to me which was missing the dashboard and steering wheel so have now put one in,PDC mf style airbox to go on the bonnet, Britains mf6290 bonnet with siku mf5455 grille filled out as it wasn't wide enough and an Andy B mf style beacon will go on the roof.

Have Pm'd TM190 so I can buy his uh mf 5480 rims off him.

And have just ordered a load of parts from artisan32 so hopefully it will have full front links,weights and weight rack,so all in all a big mish mash of parts  :laugh:

Paul,I use a two part car body filler that comes in a tin and then you add the resin hardner that comes in a small tube,it was bought from halfords last year.

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bit of an update,have fitted on the 5480 rims inside the ttv tyres and modified the rims to fit on the ttv axle and they spin 95% as good as the orginal ttv rim so quite happy with that.And have also built up a pma front linkage to go on.

All loose fitted again,think I might shorten the bonnet by 1 or 2 mm so it butts up nice to cab and sits a bit further back from front links.



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Thanks for commments chaps not done much to it of late due to working down in surrey.

last weekend I fixed on floorpan and steps after spraying floorpan and the chassisthe previous weekend,roof is primed but not sure on what colour paint it should be.

bonnet painted and loose fitted on,still loads to do :D



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finally got it finished,rims sparyed in genuine sapphire silver,roof in genuine smoke grey and body work in super red.

I might change the extra cab worklights as they should be oval shaped not sqaure next time I order some bits from pma.





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