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MF 3080 style alla Jan MF (Finished!!)

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Well as the topic name say´s

I am making a conversion of the 3080 in the style Jan MF did (whit some tips and help from Jan)

What is done on the model  so far:

Made new steering cilinders from bras for the front axle.

The front mudguards are from the UH MF 5480 whit the Fusee´s

I also modifyed the rims of the Claas Ares from UH and took the wheels from the Claas Celtis  also from UH.

Then painted the rims.

On the cab i have only shortenend the warning beacon.

Now i must take a frontweight of the MF 5480 from Uh and also modify that.

Then when that is done paint the whole chassis and put the model back to gether.

So enough talked here are some photo´s





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Mmmmmmmmm I think I need some tips too to make this into a 3095! The wheels look great, suit it much better.

definately the front ones ,on the standard model the front tyres look miles to thin,for the 3095 you would need to have a different exhaust,slightly curved at the top of the exhaust,im sure real mf nuts would be able to tell you  other bits tris
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more nice work,are the wheels from the arion on the front or back?

The wheels are from the Celtis i ment sorry :-[:-[ :-[:-[ :-[

And they are on the front and back rims of the Ares (old type not the newer one)

Thanks for the reply´s ;)

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No problem Paul i ment the Ares rim like/of the old Renault/Claas Ares 836RZ ;)

And the tyres are from the Claas/Renault Celtis

@Mark: Thanks for the compliment mate glad you like her ;)

did you have to do anything to the ares rims or do they fit straight on?

cheers paul

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These look so much better on the chunkier rims and tyres,nice work Johny.

This is what annoys me about uh,they get close to making a perfect replica then you have to spend more money on buying uh spares/donors to make it look right.You shouldn't have to do this when buying a £25- £30 model.

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@Jamie: i know what you mean mate the model is expencive enough so this is realy a hit on youre wallet!

If you look that you have 4 diferent models put in to it to make it a real beauty i think it wil cost about 130 on all 4 models!

Paul the tyer just fits on the rim you only need to trow the tyre in boiling water then it go´s easy!

The rims ar modifeyd to fit on the fusee´s/steering parts from the 5480

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thanks Sean for the reply ;)

The work i have shown the last day´s is from the past months :-[  my camera is broken so i must make all photo´s whit my phone.

Not the best quality!

I also started a while ago whit a VALTRAC again but i think i must finish some projects first to continue whit that!

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good man jonny.ill be gettin round to modifying one of these soon myself.....NOTE...some 3095s were supplied new with straight exhausts,if you look in the original 3000 series brochures you will discover this..i remember 3 3095s coming to neighbours not far from me and they all had straight exhausts with weather flaps,and on one occasion one of the owners drove into a low barn and broke his exhaust and when he went to the mf dealer to replace it he got handed a curved exhaust and told thats the one they supply so i wouldnt put too much emphasis on the exhaust issue

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  • 5 weeks later...

Finihed this one today

so here the result!






Must point out that i had a visit from Jan and Robert last Thursday and he gave me the convidence to adjjust the frontweight so this is the reason i finished it!

Hope you like herr Regards Johny ;)

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