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3680 cab change

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well as you all know britains went cheap on the 3680 by using the 2000series cab & floor-pan . i've now changed this by doing what TM810's done & fitted a 3000 series cab from a ROS 3070 tractor ,i've still got windows & to black the wings to do but it doesn't look too bad .



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for the sake of ?6.50 it'd be just as cheap to get sean to do one for you ,that way your collection stays safe . i think i may try putting the wheels from whats left of the ROS onto a 362 if they'll fit  :)

Great idea Marcus... now I've got 2 362's as well - its getting better this  ;)
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very nice marcus,hope you do well with the glass,the rear ones the worst to do as it is angled at each side,took me 4 attempts before i had a version i was happy with,i just scrored the plastic down the centre marks where the opening bit would be,then bent the sides in and cut with a very sharp knife,biggest prob is the fact they tilt top to bottom with the pannel ,so you'll need to play about till it looks right

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TM  i did the front window with a peice of laminated plastic  & the rear window from an old tic-tac box as the folds were already there ! it just needed trimming ,it's a bit wider than i'd like but it works . the best thing obout using the old floor -pan is that the whole cab comes off just like before  ;) here's some pics :



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Phwooooar!! Thats fanbloodytastic!! You make it sound so simple to do aswell. Havn't got either model in the collection but the 3680's seem easy to come by so if I can get a Ros tractor too. Like the idea of the Tictac box too, you cetainly find all the tricks Marcus. Looking bloody good mate, the in situ snaps with your cultivating kit make it look all the better!!!

I want that one!! (Andy stylee!!)

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it would be nice sean but that would mean sacrificeing the lift lever to have larger wheels on a fixed bar  unless you can re-drill the ROS wheels to the same diameter as the original 362 rears to use the same fittings & even then i'm not certain they'll fit  :)

You'll have to review your tac-tics then  :D :D :D :D

how did i know that was coming  ::):D :D :D

whats even more annoying is i had a look at a pic of markys 3070 in bennyv78 topic of his 3080A & that ROS 3070 has a windscreen & a back window factory fitted  :-\

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