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hi, first post of my farm

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Hi, I'm john, i use to play with these toy as i thought at the time, years ago as a child.  Over the last few years iv got back in to it again.

So over the bank holiday i thought id start my farm, this is so far, What do you think, any advise would be great.



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same as me then, i had a 8x4 sheet of ply when i was younger , with several ply buildings on it, inc a dutch barn , but no fields, just have a look through the other layouts in here for some inspiration, most of us will tell you where bits came from no worrys, mines called ash tree farm, but its nothing compaired to smallclaas's layout, which is a work of art, some of the early pictures have been lost due to server upgrades, but its still worth a look through


welcome to ftf by the way, hope you enjoy it on here

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Welcome to Farmtoys Forum J. It's a nice start you have made with the backing boards to add a bit of depth. Look forward to seeing more form you. I don;t have the time to do anything with my layout any more. . .. The topic is on here somewhere, in the dust vault I expect  :'(

Where will you be drawing your inspiration from for this layout then?

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