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Has Britains got rid of the wires??

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Bought a couple of new release Britains models today and noticed that the Land Rover with Ifor Williams canopy, low and behold, was not held in a vice like grip by those dastardly wires but instead by a soft but robust thick string (almost like baler twine) As a result the model was out of packaging within 30 seconds. Does anyone know if these are to become a permanent fixture? The string can clearly hold some weight so I sincerely hope so.

picture below;


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Dunno the answer Lee but if they're dead-set on using that system then that string stuff is a big improvment over that $@#**^* wire!

To me, cutting the wire isn't the problem, its that the wire is so inflexible upon removal that that is when the damage is done, breaking off small pieces or even breaking pieces holding on to the model while trying to feed the wire back around axles etc.

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I am thinking it has been taken out of the box at some stage before you bought it and has been put back using the string.  I cannot see a factory using fingers to tie knots when the wires are obviously tightened by a tool as the twists are too even (and too tight) to be done by hand.

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