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mf 4260 convo

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just been tinkering in the shed inbetween other bits and bobs and can up with this,sort of inspired by 1972's version,saw a real one today and thought how much it looked like the britains 6140(had the low bonnet) so thought i would try it out,what do you all think so far

a tidy wee job there Sean,

tim`s I`ve always thought were good value and under rated ..........give them to the kids to play with to keep them away from yr good models I also think .

Cheap enough to modify too  good to learn on  just in case of expensive mistakes  ........I have a 2wd version of the 4260, actually gareth did it for me ages ago, fat wheels ... 595 DRW type not thin 595 or 6600 wheels , looks ok  but yours looks better with a better cab....... a loader would be nice...........Tim do a MF with a loader I  have one of them too , perhaps that could be played with and improved?????


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nice work there sean  :) going to try & keep the wheels fromthe tim fergie & try to graft it to a britains chassis like 72 did or a siku renault creres for the hitch , i thought about the siku deutz 4.70 but am reluctant to break a decent model :-\

the only trouble i can see with it is the same i had with my 3680 convo & thats the bonnet is a different shade of red to the rear wings , just like you had trouble matching the drills for your 4 meter convo :-\

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yeah it is slightly lighter,but i think i may be able to overcome that as the fergy paint i have is a little lighter,i have 2/3 of the rear arches so will try a set out, i have also got the basics of the front loader fitted now,just need to make the rams for the tipping part,

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my convo skills arn't up to much but havn't worked out how to fix the cab end to the chassis without butchering it , & part of me doesn't want to wreck the deutz chassis  ::) i've had it since a kid & i think sentiment is getting in the way :-\

i'll post this & then attatch a pic  if i can



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