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Norscot Challenger 865C,My review


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Well the first thing you notice on receiving the model is how heavy it is,really solidly built,lot's of diecast in this one

945 grams compared with the 740 grams in the Britains John Deere 9530T,it is well detailled with lifting three point linkage,wonder why Norscot didn't do that on the 765's,also has opening drivers door and lifting steps upto the cab,it is also the ONLY rubber tracked model in my collection,( includeing 1/50th ) that is free rolling,put this tractor on a slope and it will roll down it,now some photo's,




The bonnet should stay up itself,but because it's so heavy I had to made a stay to make it stay up,









Hope you like that,if you like big rubber tyred tractors,you will not be disappointed with this,I would say though

taking these pictures I did knock the top hook off the three point linkage,you would maybe want to check your's if / when you get one,



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The track's that are on it are 22mm wide which makes them the 30' spec,but if you want wider track's on it the ones off the Britain's John Deere 9530T are exactly the same length,the only difference beingthe drive lugs in the centre,the Britains ones are 5/6 mm wide and the Norscot ones are 2/3 mm wide,you can either pare them down or remove the ones which go round the rear drive wheel and front idler,that's the option I chose as they are unseen anyway,



:) Kinda leaves the big J D a bit naked though,


Tell me Joe...is this one staying as is apart from the bonnet stay or is it getting the chop as well :-\

It'll be staying like that I guess Bill,but an artic 975C might be a future option, ;) ;)



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Cheers Baazaa,pity you didn't get your's in time,

that is a mighty fine model Joe,always see plenty of these about here in the fens,nice to see the topcons gps on the roof,I wish someone would cast them.

One question though can you hitch mounted implements,don't see a top link like wikings :-\

Category 4 I think jamie,no top link required,but I could be waaay off



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;D Here are a couple of short video's I made this afternoon of my R/C Deutz X720 towing my John Deere 9530T

fitted with the Norscot Challenger 865C's track's,didn't half make it grunt :laugh: :laugh: ,the clicking you can hear is the chain link's jumping past the tow hook on the Deutz,two pull's just under a minute = flat battery,just as well I used the J D as I don't think it would have pulled the heavier Challenger  :(





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