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Has Your Driving License Expired?

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For those of you that have a picture card driving license, take a look at it to see when your photo was taken. Apparently, if it has been 10 years, you are driving on an expired licence. Read on......................


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It only costs £20 to get a new one.. I'm a little annoyed I had to do mine now as I want to do my track laying licence in the next couple of months and I'l have to do it again.. Also you have to send the old one back aparently its an offence to have two... damm and there was me going to sell mine to some 14 year old on ebay!

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nope, they actually sendf a form ect about a month before its due, can be done onlne, which we did, took 1 week till the new one arrived, or in the post which takes 4 weeks odd max, no reason for them to run out, everyone i know that has  one has recived a form a month or so in advance

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