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Siku John Deere 3300 Agritechnica 1995


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The 3300 on it's own can make £30-40 so I don't know what it would make as a boxed set, I know its just a repainted Renault but they are still quite rare

Robbo i think you are wrong there on german ebay a week or two back a 3300 on its own made 140 euros!!! :of

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Mike, are you sure you aren't thinking of the Britains John Deere telehandler that is available as the 3200 and also as a 3400?

The Siku tractor is a 3300 based on a Renault model as was the real thing, Reece has posted a picture of the real thing in the "tractors of different colours" thread

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I think the number was only on the box - the toy itself only had the John Deere bonnet stripe but no model number (on the real thing it was on the cab side pillar I think).

There was also a version which was just the tractor boxed on its own as a 3200 ;)


I sold this one a couple of years ago for around £100 if I remember right.

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I have done a bit of digging and found a 1996 Toy Farmer magazine article by Martin Smits about the first two issues:

The 3200 was the first one issued late 1994 or early 1995 - a dealer only run of 2000. They had no model number on them, but had the waterslide decal with the John Deere name in yellow on the front above the windscreen and the castings were all one colour.

The Agritechnica 3300 had a 3300 decal on the back of the cab, but did not have the John Deere decal on the front. The engine was black and the front side panels of the bonnet were a darker green (the part which is a grille on the real thing and therefore appears darker ;) ). The production run was reported as 4000 of these.

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