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Muir Hill Tractors - A Pictorial Guide By F.t.f

The Tractor Twitcher

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Following on from the County, Roadless and Doe conversion topics i've contributed photographs towards, here's another I hope members will find interesting and further contribute their own photographs towards. The featured manufacturer on this occasion; Muir Hill.

I spy a pair of Muir Hill Fordson N based dumpers in this shot taken by my Dad from the top of a New Holland TF-78 combine harvester at the Fordson 500 event.


Whilst here's a modified Major shunting tractor.


Next up a selection of 101 tractors from various events i've attended over the years.




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Wow, those are some neat models. Its amazing how many brands are represented there.

....Here's the other photographs my Dad took from the top of the combine harvester at the Fordson 500 event. Plenty of Fordson and Ford variations on display. I believe there was just over 1100 tractors on site.





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Wow missed this, some lovely MH beasts, I bet most are still running now. It reminds me I must get my 121 finished ;D

Thanks Lee, it's been great to find these tractors at various vintage rallies and still being used. Here's my latest Muir Hill find from Malvern at the weekend. Looking forward to seeing your 121 finished. :)


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There used to be a few muir hills between hornsea and spurn point. Good tractor

I'm fairly certain there's still a 121 residing on a farm at the bottom of the village of Allerston Pete. Not sure if it's still in use though.

The drainage company down our lane has 4 muir hill 121's. I think only 2 really work now though, one is slit in the shed and the other is sat in there as well

I've seen a few on drainage work in the past Patrick, including the 121 I photographed with the swan neck dump trailer. :)

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I wonder what happened to all the Perkins engined Muir Hills. I seem to remember there were a few around which had the model number 111. Also 141's are pretty rare too. I think we sold a 141 when I was at S.T.'s, which went to a farmer in Fletching. The biggest disadvantage of the Muir Hill transmission was the amount of PTO power absorbed in it. PTO outputs were always a disappointment from such a Majestic tractor.

I used to pick them up from the factory. Due to the time it took from ordering one to taking delivery; I've had to wait at the factory while the wheels were fitted before it could be loaded on my truck. Sometimes the paint was barely dry when they were loaded. Other times we've picked them up with the wrong wheels fitted and had to fit the correct ones when it arrived for its pre delivery inspection.

It was a great tractor to drive, but you did get thrown around quite a bit driving on rough ground. More so because of its height.

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Muir Hills do have other uses. Not the best of places to have a nest, but this bird thought it was a good idea to have one overlooking the rest of our sales yard.


Sadly I think she never successfully raised her young. Too many cats around when the new housing estate was built nearby.

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Brilliant first video Lee....I'm going to send that link to Charlie Gray and Jim Stewart ( Stewarts Trailers) the chairman and vice chairman of the Scottish County Tractor Club just so I can wind them up the next time I see them ;D ;D

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