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massey ferguson 135 conversion,flexi cab

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a very early start on a uh mf 135 flexi cab convo,took off round mudguards,to be replaced by flat top ones,ive done this convo before,but i want to get the cab framework better,and also try to improve on the roof cladding ,couple of pics of the start of the convo,and a couple of my last attempt





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Top jobbie mate.... I am liking that already... I love the old flexi-cabbed 100 series... reminds me so much of my childhood as well. Our local council man had a 135 with that cab.. on an M plate I think from memory.

Keep us posted on your progress please buddy and thanks for sharing

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After all the work that these 135s used to do on farms back in the 70s and 80s,it's hard to believe that we find it hard to fit it into a modern diorama :of

It just goes to show how far machinery has come in the last 20 years :)

2 135,s near me chris,one on scraping duties and one retired,going to be sold



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Where's the lights in that first one Paul?

I never liked them canvas cabs when I used to drive them,it was always missing that bit under the window and in winter time used to let in a terrible breeze ;D

god knows chris,i was lucky,only drove turning hay so the cab was stripped right back
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Nowadays when they are doing them up over here,they are putting more modern cabs on them.I'd have killed for one of these when I was younger ;D


Sorry for going off topic but I was just getting a bit nostalgic ;D

has to be the flexi cab for me chris,nice pictures mate
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