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Massey Ferguson 4255 sloped nose

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Really happy with how it came out,

I only had to use two tractors to make this, it's based on a universal hobbies T6020 chassis and then a Siku 4270 as the panels

All the other detail etc was salvaged from the T6020, cab interior, lights, wipers .. then just a artisan beacon

Thanks again for the positive comments

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Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb work that.... for a professional... let alone someone's first.. I hate to think where your talents will lead you in the future if this is your first shot.. future Dave Perdue or Martyn Reeve here I reckon - thanks for sharing

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Yeah the cab is just the siku one and I glazed the doors and opened the sunroof, then cut out the areas for the work lights,

Thanks again I am really particular, love to do things to the best of my ability

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That is a real stunner!

Did a normal 4255 in the past i used the TIM MF cab/platform and bonnet.

The chasis is from an UH Mc Cormick CX 105 (i thougt that where the type)

Here is a link to my model:


Kind regards Johny ;)

no problem jack

Thats a fantastic 4255 you have built Jack,we haven't seen many 4200 posted up on the forum but this is one of the best

If that's your first conversion, I'm very impressed - cracking job. ;)

stunning. well done. i think you have a great eye for detail. ;)

I may need a closer look...I'll send my address right over so you can let me see it.... ::) Some nice talent there.........well done

Thanks for the really inspiring comments! Can't wait to start another tractor now haha

Hope to get a nice range of Masseys done for my own collection and bring them to shows

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