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How to: Stack bales in such away, not even health and safety would stop you!.


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I saw this a while ago. I bet you cant watch it without laughing!!

I was trying to decide whether to laugh, Cringe or both.... I'm debating if this was a put up show... although the bales coming down next to guy didn't look planned.

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Whilst i'm absolutely no expert on the art of stacking bales on a trailer ( only done it a couple of times ) whenever i've seen round bales loaded in that way they've always been stacked directly on top of the bales below. Not staggered like these two operators appear to be doing.

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guess it happens ,never handled round bales imust confess, always small ones, and to be honest you cant really get it wrong with a flat 8 grab and a cooks bales trailer anyway :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: unless you reverse into a stack thats behind you and knock it over that is ::) ::)::) only did it once though while building stacks

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If i was him i would of turn the trailer the same way as the slop drawbar heading down the slop so the trailer would of been near flat and the put the 4 bales up front and straped them down so you had a good head board to start with but that just me

This is the way we our our bales on.



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