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i don't belive it

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can't quite belive i have been doing this


a little while back i had a jq that lost its front axel for a class mf tractor,since then i have been wondering what to do with the rest of the jq chassis,as it is a pretty detailed model,even if green,well sat there today and came up with this,the front wheels arn't fixed on yet,but the front do turn now like the origonal,but unfortunattly not by the steering wheel,but it may be possible if i do another,given a bit of thought

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i feel all guilty now,havn't seen it done before,and didn't want to ditch the chassi  :-[:-[ :-[


Don't feel guilty mate i'm not worried ;) ;) ;) ;)

I've made quite a few as I make several 2WD conversions and if it's a JD3140 I use the 4WD front axle from that ;) ;) ;) well you have to use up your scrap don't you ::) ::)::)

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