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westpoint on 1st july


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To give it its proper name, it's Westpoint Arena. It's a very large covered shed and extensive grounds where exhibitions and large events are held such as The Devon County Show, The Ice Show (Robin Cousins) The West Country Kit Car Show, Ideal Home, on occasions The Game Fair and a plethora of other large events and shows including antique fairs and toy & collectors fairs, toy fairs are or have been over the past several years been held there 4 or 5 times a year. The site is situated just off junction 30 of the M5 signposted to Sidmouth - Bicton College and gardens, you can't miss it.

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enjoyed the show today . finally got to have a look and mandys stall today. she has some great stuff and i'm now thinking about converting the loft. was nice to meet mandy as well. the show was a bit smaller than normal , prices were on the high side on some stalls and some too cheap. some older siku stuff was about like a boxed claas jag forager with whole crop header for £19 and a renualt tractor with a back digger boxed. which was cheap too. next ones in november.

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A good fair considering. Nice to meet up and see some of the Forum members. Nathan, nothing was too cheap, it was nice to be able to aquire some items for very reasonable prices, my purchases of which I have posted up elswhere on the Forum. Some items were cheap indeed but the same items on other tables were priced ten times as much, you just had to be carefull and look around. Only 1/2 the hall was occupied as the organisers only hired 1/2, I was told by an official that the 1/2 hall hire was 5k and for the whole hall it was 9k.

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It was good to have the toyfair back at Westpoint today, its an ideal location and easy to get to. Hopefully it will prosper and keep on going here.

Nice to see a fair bit of Farm related stuff there too, and good to see Mandy, Mark (Old Ford sorry Massey) and Peter. I am pleased with my purchases, of which I'll take a pic and post later :)

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We were pleased with our first Exeter. The organisers looked after us, we had plenty of selling space and even a back wall for our HLT poster! The first time we do an event we also expect it to be fairly quiet, as it take 2-3 times before people look for your stand, but thanks to the FTF guys we were kept busy.

So a big thanks to Nathan, Phil, Mark (old Massey), Mark (from Cornwall), and Tim aka Powerrabbit (who got hold of that fab Britains book at a bargain price for me!) for making it a good first show. We'll definitely be back there again :)

ps and thanks for saying 'hello' this time Peter!

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