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convo,s own conversions

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first up is my fendt 926 ,just some small tweaks to improve the model ,a change of wheels ,glaze the cab nothing flash ,i love fendt tractors more so the older 900 favorite style ,they are first on my list in my collection





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international 956xl ,i was just about to put these britains massey wheels that i have put on this model on ebay the other day and i looked across at my work bench and thought ,,,hey up ,,,a bet these wheels will fit on that international so 30 minns later a bit of modifing and there you have it ,,,paint the exhaust black ,, jobs a good `un ,,,,i will put some front hubs on late this week and a beacon ,,,may be a driver 




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joe i have got to say i really don't find this hard work at all ,probably because i can get hold or put my hands on the products i need to do these conversions , the likes of the round bar for axles , spacers for the twin wheels ,a big work shop with all the trimmings helps alot to plus i am a bit funny about these thing ,,,,i know most collectors do not play with these models but i like the wheels to go round and be strong enough to do stuff with after all i do have a 6 year old lad who likes to play with these things ,,,or and me also ::) ,,,, i am still a big kid even at the age of 20+ :- or should i say 40 ish ;D

doing things like this is not to time consuming really but, when i get into extending wheel arches and bonnets etc that really does suck up the time

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