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Australian Implements


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Now for something that the mighty Australian Tractors can pull,

First off, Horwood Bagshaw Scaribar and Airseeder


Next the World record holder for seeding, the Multiplanter, this is the 160ft model.


This is one of the sprayers in the Jetstream line-up


Lastly, a John Shearer Drill, we call them combines sometimes (not a combine harvester)\


As I said in the Australian Tracotrs post there are more makers, but pics can be hard to find, and i haven't thought of all the manufacturers yet.


P.S, Pictures from Web Based Sources.

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I have found some more

This is a Dustan Farm Engineering, Mothe Bin, 110 tonne.


Marshall Multispread, Fertiliser Spreader


Gryal Airseeder


Lastly for now, Kelly Engineering, Disc Mulch Chain


Thanks for looking

Again, the pics arn't mine, found from web based sources

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the big mother bin dosnt get moved around the field i think they weigh about 30 tonne empty

harvest into a chaser bin then into the mother bin then from the mother bin into a truck

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  • 2 weeks later...

I found some Connor Shea implements.

Chisel Plough


One Way Disc Plough




14 Run Seeder


Seeder pulled by an acremaster.


Be sure to check out the Connor Shea Harvester in the Other Farm Machine post. See if you can tell me the major design feature.

More implements from other makers soon!

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I'm sorry if you are getting sick of my posts already, but there are only a few left and i tink that some of these tractors and machines that are different to mainstream American and European tractors a very interesting.

80ft Ausplow Airseeder


Ennor Disc being pulled by a Baldwin


Shearer One Way Disc Ploughs towed by a Big Bud


Grizzly Disc


Gason Airseeder


Shearer Wideseeder


Hadri Boomsprayer


Homan Seederbar


Schinkel Hay Rake


TenPack Small Square Bale Accumulator


Glenvar Bale Direct (the piece between the harvesater and the baler)



Lasty; would you get away with this in another country?


Thanks for looking, I hop you have enjoyed my posts.

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the 80ft airseeder is something you wont see here, it would probably meet ditches on either side first ;) .. fantastic to see these enormous implements and the tractors that pull them, keep those pictures coming :D

also the combine/baler combo is very interesting, does the combine power the baler as well?

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surprised they dont remove them, not like its a long line/hedgrows like we get over here, although in fields that big the loss going round thems prob so small it doesnt matter??? must take some skil to go round them mind, the tractor being 80 odd foot from the ends, take some judging when to turn ect,

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FordTractorCrazy: The combine powers the baler as well making use of its hydrulic pressure monitoring systems. An extra oil pump is installed I think and it runs the PTO.

Deere-est: The Ausplow seeder doesn't neccesarly need to have worked ground in front of it, just direct drilled. The Hardi is not a special build, standard.

Most of this big stuff that I have shown you like the 160ft seeder is not used all over Aus, just in big states like WA, NSW and Queensland. In Victoria most equipment is usually up to 50ft at most, I would say.

Have you seen my latest tractor post. Some of them are custom builds.

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