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eletric pylons



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Thats a telepgraph pole not a leccy pylon ;D Look brilliant on a layout though,

errr looks again pat if i was you, the pics i just saw on that link are 100% leccy poles, and not telegraph poles, i should know, i have climbed a good few in my job ,telegraph poles that is, if i climbed one of those in that link i would have very frizzley hair and very likely not be here now :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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Hi arron, Good luck to you on that one.

1) You need to find a linesman training centre or google they should have diagrams of a pylon, work out the height in feet x 9mm will give you the height in millimeters. ( I hope you have the space ;) ).

2)Then work out the cost in materials? :of

I want pylons (wooden pole style) on my layout like the ones on barry's link, mind their europeon style. Use the same principle of construction. Have a look around your area to see how the eleic is sent from house to house.


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going by the average construction, id maybe say paper clips, solder and metal strips of some sort..... OR look for the future competion ones which might be slightly easier to make and be unique


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