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Dream Team

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Well guy and gals with the topic your top 5 tractors I though it would be a good Idea to post up your Dream fleet.

Most Football fans have there Dream team so us tractor fans can have our Dream Fleet max of 11 machines like a FootBall team

you can have combines,SP Sprayer and Loadalls ect in it to ha ha! and you can post up pictures aswell.



3.MF290-2wd Duncan cab


5.MF390T-4wd 18speedshift

6.MF3085-4wd Dyna



9.MF6480-4wd MK1

10.JCB TM270 Loadall

11.Claas Mega 108SL Combine.

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i will have a go bob

1 ford 4000

2 ford 7740

3 mf 135

4 mf 590

5 case 450 quadtrac

6 case 285 magnum

7 cat 865B

8 claas atles 936

9 fendt 818/820

10 mf 8450

11 jd 6830 premium

all tractors ive drove


new holland tm 125

fendt 718

case mxu 135

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OK me too.

New Holland T7070

.................... TM 190

..................... T6090

..................... T6080

......................TM 155

......................7740 & Tanco loader

Ford TW-15 SQ

Ford 4610 Turbo 4wd

Ford 4600 Fritz cab

Kamatsu WA250PZ loader

New Holland FR 9050 Harvester


Ford 7810

Ford 7700

Ford 5600 Fritz cab

Ford 4000 Delux cab

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3rd time Ive looked at this topic :/ I knew I would reply eventually

1- JD 8345R

2-JD 7530 Because I just want one on 710 rear tyres

3- JD 6930 because I love ours

4-JD 6830

5- JD 6920S

6-JD 6910S

7-JD 6900 One of the best tractors I've ever driven and it would complete the set

8-JD 6420S

9-JD 6410

10-MF 6290 Just so I'm not colourist

11-MF 6260 2wd would be a good yard/raking tractor

Self propelled

Claas Jag 900

Merlo 40.7CS

JCB 416

JD T670i

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1.Fordson Super Dexta 2wd

2.Fordson New Performance Major 2wd

3.'77 Ford 6600 Fritz 2wd

4.'88 Ford 7610 II 2wd

5.'89 Ford TW-15 II

6.'97 New Holland 7740 2wd

7.'92 Ford 7810 III 4wd

8.'96 Ford 8340 4wd

9.'02 New Holland TM165

10.'05 New Holland TM140

11.'09 New Holland T6080

Thats just Tractors Self Propelleds I'd have

1.'05 Claas Jaguar 850/'06 Claas Jaguar 890

2.'02 Volvo L70D

3.'06 Volvo L90E

4.'81 Volvo 642

5.Cat 320 Excavator

And ye certainly don't want me to list out the implements :-P

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