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MF 7624 wheel/tyre makeover

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I picked this little beauty up from my local MF dealer on Saturday and had the wheels off within the hour ;D

Theres actually nothing wrong with the wheels and tyres it came with but I liked the front wheels on the previous 7499 model and the realsize 7624 in the dealers yard has the 7499 wheel styling to, mind you I had to change the front mudguards over as well but they were similar anyway.

UH always go a bit skinny on their tyres so I replaced them as well with a pair of Siku JD6920s on the front and Siku McMac TTX tyres on the back, both fit nicely. I also removed the wheelweights which do look good but Im going to try and modify them with little screw fixings so I can add and remove them depending what implements on the back of the tractor ^-^ as It wont need weights on for spraying or trailer work.

A frontweight is on order from PDC as well. Enjoy the pics.







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Thanks guys :) I have got some Tim tyres that fit it but they are to black for my liking, im guessing that the ROS T7070 tyres would fit as they are same size as the Sikus front and only slightly taller on the back tyres. Fenlander did convos on 7499 using Valtra T191 and the wheel sizes of the 7624 are exactly the same radius as 7499s.

Im guessing model 7624s tyres are based on rears of 620/65/r42 and the T7070s are taller and wider say 650/70/r42 but I reckon should be good fit.

You will need to undo two front screws to uncouple front fender and wheel/tyre, if you try to take tyre off the wheel with fender still on the tractor you will break it as I did :-[ as its a much flimsier arrangement than the 7499s I replaced it with :)

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The rears are 7624s with the weight removed which leaves a deeper dish (if you like) than the 7499s. The weights could easily be converted to be removeable on this model and if UH just rebadge this model for the new 7626 I will make that convo ^-^

thanks bluegreen,you have worked your magic again
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