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new display build

Mike R

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Guest scot_models

Sadly no i wont be there none on round about here just now anyway that i know of if there is one pops up i will atend it but for now theres none :'(

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is the sea saw sprayer (weebley?) getting pride of place on ya layout mike? were abouts is this show and whats it called as i wouldnt mind showing my small layout depending on date and location. found the big un took loads of space up at spalding!

he destroyed it  :( :( :'( :'(

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I am currently making a display for Hastings Trac show in June

Here is a few starting pictures

I am limited to  six foot x 2 foot space.


Aw come on do it like I did, Leave it to the last minute, 10ft x 4ft layout in five days!!!

You got a 6x2 layout in months!! Make it look good mate make it look good!!!

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