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hawthornfarms grainstores

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hawthorn farms on floor store and dryer and bin setup 

Hawthornfarms run 1000acres of there own  and contract farm a further 4000acres of arable in wiltshire/hampshire and glostershire.we also run 1 250cow dairy of our own and 5 other dariy farms that we do all silage/muck etc operations on these farms with a total of 7600acres a year of silage taken as maize and grass.we also have a herd of 53 hereford suckler cows and 35 sheep and 40 pigs.

staff    arable  11 full time                                            main kit arable/silage

                                                                                    Quadtrac 600,challenger865,claas 85E.jd 8530,jd7930,jd7830.magnum7240,jcbfastrac

                                                                                     7230,jd6210,jd7810,jd6930x3,jd 3650.   jd s690i combinesx2.Rogator sp sprayer.

                                                                                      claas jag 980,krone bigm2.18t richard western grain x3.9 rw/marston/kane silage trailers.

                                                                                       horsch 18t chaser bin.joskin 24000l tanker/injector 3 road tankers

                       2year out students

                       2 fitters/tractor drivers/lorries                  on floor store made by graham hubard in 2007.

                       2 grainstore/lorries

           livestock   dairy   8

                             beef /tractor 1

                             pigs/tractor   2

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We ran 1 jd s690i and a jd t 670i for harvest 2013.2012 class lexicon 600 and a new holland cr 9080.

On the grain storage front .we weight every load in.and record it for the farm field.each farm has its own bin /onfloor storage tonne age

Some of our own grain is put in a pool storage to make room for our contract farms grain.each farm sells its own grain at the moment.

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deeres unloading on last field on our own farm,finished all our contract farms

off to cut 200acres of spring barley and 300 of wheat 2 help out another local farmer

the 865 challenger and 600 quad track off too do a 2nd pass before rape is planted down in hampshire,

400acres to do there,then up to glostershire 4 another 400






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post-2077-0-53883600-1412711630_thumb.jppost-2077-0-53883600-1412711630_thumb.jppost-2077-0-23412300-1412711725_thumb.jppost-2077-0-67730300-1412711763_thumb.jppost-2077-0-99695800-1412711832_thumb.jphawthorn farms 2 new kv ploughs and packomatts.one on a britains 6150r and the other on a jd 7810.

new albut toe tip grain bucket 4 jcb 416s

new simba culti press.dave towse./richard western 18000 ltr water bowser,12000ltr clean,6000ltr mixing.three oaks farm models

claas jag 980 and 10 row jd kemper header on maize.only 300 acres left  to do of our own,another 1000 extra to do.





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