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front loaders


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hi bill thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

can you tell us if there's any plans to make a decent front loader with interchangable attachments(muck fork,bucket,bale spike,ect) the list of attachments are endless really,any where in ther near future.

also any plans to reintroduce a fergy tractor into the line up?


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Guest Fendt pwr

I would like to add to that post if I may.

Bill,Would ertl ever consider addjusting the front end loaders on some of the newer tractors so that you could remove the loader and put it back on when you want too,making the loader a true "clip on loader".

thank you.

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thats a great idea j dmad,sellit with a single attachment(muck fork) then sell the extra bits in sets of buckets,bale handleing kit,silage forks ect?

yes but at a reasonable price!! ;):) :)

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ummm it would look good on any  international ha ha! (only joking )but

it is a brilliant idea to have a brand of some sort on a loader if RC were to do one like farmhand or tanco & quickie ,

i hope this helps rather than hinder your thoughts bill

thanks again

Nigel AKA tractorman

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with a little bit of tweeking and modernisation the old front loader base could be used,just add rams insted of the metal rod for the front and modify the way it fits to the new tractors,hey presto,would be far better to see a whole new version,but could make a tempory stop gap for the company

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