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massey ferguson 8450

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god knows how many of these i have done,one for myself,then sold it,one for my boss and 2 for workers on the farm,but never been really happy with them,i thought a uh mf 7499 would be good for the cab and wheels,as i mainly used the siku 8280 with the britains mf 7480 for the cab and mudguards and they are not really accurate,so this one is the uh mf 7499 with just the siku mf 8280 bonnet,i will also be using the siku mf 8280 exhaust,im just getting things roughley lined up,so a very early start to this one,the models both have exactly the same wheelbase, so that works out fine,i will have to paint the uh mf 7499 chassis black and the wheel hubs,and the wheels sapphire grey,as uh have got the wheel colour very wrong,all with genuine mf paint,also will have to shape/flare the rear  mudguards,and slightly shorten the bar axle stubs,the front grill is off a siku mf 5455,also alter the right hand side steps,and also reduce the rear wheel track width,i do know the 8280 bonnet is not accurate

massey convo 001.JPG

massey convo 002.JPG

massey convo 003.JPG

massey convo 004.JPG

massey convo 005.JPG

massey convo 006.JPG


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9 hours ago, dalethecaptain said:

That is a beast of machine Paul, in model form and in the flesh! Its another expensive build as well if you are using two models. It all fits up well, looking good.

basically Dale £20.00 for the siku bonnet and £40.00 for the 7499,so not to bad

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now i know it is still not 100% accurate,bonnet is not right,also the front links are not correct but its as close as im going to get,one of its summer jobs is with the new holland baler, i still think its better than the siku 8280 and britains 7480 combo i used to do

mf 001.JPG

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