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new combines


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Dear Bill,

Are there any new combines in the pipeline that mirror the real models and that include a header trailer (similar to Siku). Maybe with different size headers as well? but not necessary the larger version, as the current Case & JD, for us smaller farmers!

maybe a new MF, JD, Claas, NH, Case, Cat??

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I've been told we already have too many combines in our lineup, so it's interesting that you want more versions.  Normally the smaller combines have an entirely different frame length, so it's not easy to just take an existing tool.  You're essentially talking about an entirely new design.


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Can't see why anybody would want a smaller combine the bigger the better in my book nothing better than to see one of these giants at work? ;D ;D ;D

the big ones are nice, just thought something smaller for us smaller farmers with a smaller header?

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My tuppence worth:

Pretty much all the main combine manufacturers are now available in 1:32. From a European perspective it might be useful, and cost effective, to make alternatives with a smaller header. This would mean a very small development outlay (header only - assuming decals are an insignficant cost).

(This could also apply to the grass pickups on the new SP FH's. The NH SPFH would need 1000hp to pick up that width of grass in Ireland - and you could not have enough trailers to cart it away. A local contractor recently picked up 1000 acres in 5 days with a Claas Jaguar 900 (with two Claas Liner 3000 rakes trying to keep ahead of him). He was filling a 20ft Dooley trailer in under 3 minutes, and had up to 9 trailers trying to keep up, without much success - sorry for going OT)

What I'd really love to see is some of the older combines being made in 1:32.

Could the last of the Claysons and the smaller New Holland 1500 series be made from one casting?

Would the Claas Mercator/Senator, together with the Ford versions, have a large enough market in both Europe and the USA to justify the tooling?

Likewise the early Claas Dominator and it's Ford equivalent?

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