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1 hour ago, Valley Axe Man said:

One or two familiar looking tractors there John, but good to see them all out whilst you've time to photo them look forward to seeing the rest of your collection 👍

Thanks Paul yeah there's 2 or 3 that came out of your collection Thanks again for them 

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Lovely jubbly John, get well soon. 

Nice Duck and egg boxed E27N, that packaging has eluded me along with the flat box also shown!

Presumably the NP Super Major Industrial is on plastic Fordson rear rims? I suspect there may be some out there on metal versions as the blue NP Super Major also came on metal and plastic Fordson rims as well as Ford style rims. The Major plastic wheel rims survive a lot better with the rubber tyres than later Britains tractors.

Lots of variations with Fordson Majors E27n and E1A, although more of the later.

I have a Ford Force 5000 in a 5000 Super Major box with a Ford Force sticker on it.

It gets even better, I've never seen a trade pack of riders/drivers and you have both, Are the early ones all grey or a mixture of blue and grey?




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Thanks Paul on the mend slowly now thanks. Yes the duck and egg and the flat boxes are hard to come across, I still need the spade wheel duck and egg version. Yes the NP super major industrial is on plastic rims and like you say there will be other versions out there, I've seen one like mine but without lights on the mudguards. I'm always on the lookout for variations. I've never seen the super major box with force sticker on only the one like mine, its one that's eluded me so far. It was an ebay find Paul a good few years ago but I've never seen another, it's a mixture of both colour driver half and half 

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Britains ford 5000 pre-production this came without a cab so i painted a top off a production model for it

Ford 5000 first version

 Ford 5000 second version in new box

Ford 5000 third version with new item sticker not on

Ford 5000 in blue box

Ford 5000 ftf yellow industrial

Ford 5000 ftf gun metal

Ford 5000 and spreader 1/64 scale










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Britains ford 6600 1st version on small 5000 style wheels and in 5000 box, blue lift lever and first style linkage

Ford 6600 2nd version now on bigger tyres silver lift lever and 6600 box

Ford 6600 3rd version fitted with 5000 style linkage







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Britains ford 6600 4rth version now with strengthened rear linkage

Ford 6600 5th version now with solid steering wheel instead of spoked

Ford 6600 6th version now with black seat, linkage lift arms and opened rear wheels instead of solid, also the box printing is slightly different underneath








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