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Britains JOHN DEERE 6R.185 upgrade

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This new model from Britains is very good, but it could possibly be even better. I have acquired a cheap Wiking JD 6125R and I'm going to attempt to improve the 185 by stripping parts of the 6125.  

Last time I did this was on a Siku JD 8370R and a week after I finished it Wiking brought out the 8R 410!! Hopefully that won't happen this time.

First job was to remove the front linkage and then mask off the tractor and spray paint the rims JD yellow.


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Time for an update, I have been canabalising the wiking JD 6125r  and have switched over the slimmer buddy seat into the britains cab. Also I have swapped steering wheels as well. Done some painting in the cab, put some brown paint on the arm console and a bit of grey to hide the green paint in the cab.  I decided to pinch the steps treads off the 6125 and overlay them on the new model which looks ok.

The really hard job is preparing the way to fit the Wiking front linkage onto the britains. Angle grinding with great care plus lots of filing & hack sawing.  But its almost ready to be glued in place. 

Also done quite a bit to the cab as well but will cover that in the next update.






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Been working on the cab of late. I removed beacons and stalk, thinned down wingmirrors stems, cut off mirrors and fitted a copper wire so I can change the angle they are positioned at.  Replaced grab rails with thinner versions. Painted roof,  detailed lights met silver and painted black background behind them. Painted 6 dots on every light to simulate LEDs.

Nearly finished it today, looks really decent too.




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All done, I have to say that this is the best Britains model they have made since the original JD 3000 series some 10 years ago.  Britain's accuracy made my job of improving it much easier, apart from the front linkage. I suspect this will become one of Britains best selling models todate.



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That does look spot on with your added extras Phil.

Can I ask for the sizes of the diameter of the rims and tyres plus width please as they look like they could be perfect for my planned John Deere 6930 conversion?

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