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  1. The new 6250R sporting its new toolbox bumper😎
  2. Our new ex demo JD6250R joins our existing machine.
  3. Lexion 8700 cleaned off after harvest and the Jaguar 980 and two of our maize rigs on their way out too work a few weeks ago.
  4. Thanks guys.......................Well we all have our favourite MFs Jamie and I must say I never liked the 8400s bonnet design, I much prefer the current 8700S. Although I had a mate at Thurlow Estates back in the day who used to drive theyre big MFs so I got plenty of trips round the field in his 8480, also 8270 and the first 8170 in the UK which I thought was a huge tractor back in the day!
  5. Answer? Yes it does look best with them, so I fitted a pair on each side which stick out further than the original and look more purposeful imo. Much happier with this model now with its new Bednar cultivator😎
  6. Then i put it all back together and gave myself a couple of days to decide if it needed wheel weights or not?
  7. Next job was to remove the cab roof and spray it silver. Then a number plate got fitted. And the drivers console got removed and relocated further over to allow for a driver to be seated.
  8. After 6 months of staring at the MF8740S sat on my bookshelf and knowing it didnt quite look right I finally got round to strippng it down and then improving it. The motivation comes from this models popularity locally now that the big energy company Pretoria have got 10 off them and a couple of others have shown up elsewhere on other farms. Theres no question that MF are now number 3 in the over 320hp tractor market behind runaway leaders Fendt and JD. Firstly I took the model to pieces, removed the wheel weights and hubs and resprayed them sapphire grey. I also removed the seat and released the cab platform to allow for a 1mm packer to raise the fenders higher over the large rear tyres. Instant improvement!
  9. Its always the same with me, once I start to actually see the tractor working on local farms I lose my initial resistance to the change. As I came home tonight the one 8S 265 on my patch met me at a roundabout and I got a real good look at it and it is quite impressive. Im even liking the new JD 8Rs now Ive got a few popping up in my neighbourhood, and yet I thought they looked ghastly on the first press release pictures!
  10. After having a second look at the 8S at Normac Cultivations demo, I noticed the bloomin obvious, this tractor looks a lot better on the right wheels and tyres. So snapped one up off ebay for a very nice price and am looking to replace the daft rear wheels and tyres with something more realistic. The wheels in pic 2 are from the 7726 model and the tyres from a schuco model. Some paint and wheel weights and she should look right. I must say apart from the rear wheels/ tyres this is a superb effort by UH, very accurate, Im almost liking the real thing 😄
  11. Splendid effort John. Will look even better with the wheels painted.
  12. The 8RX effort was surprisingly decent but yes I too am cautious about the ridiculously unnecasary wide spaced wheels fitted to previous 8Rs.
  13. Ktwo are the Valtra of the trailer world arent they, very smart designs and available in any colour scheme you can think of🙂
  14. The JD 8R appears to have decent wheels for a change, although I will reserve judgement until I can see backend picture. Certainly looks very promising Joe and with Sikus effort as well I may have to do a convo of the best bits😄
  15. One final upgrade I have been looking to do to the Valtra was too replace the lame Valtra decals on the bonnet. So when a cheap orange old orange T series came up I bought it and pinched its much nicer decals and swapped them onto the T234😎
  16. Well harvest is virtually over and what a roller coaster it has been. We started on August 1st which was two weeks later than usual and for a week everything went fine with the new Lexion 6900 performing above my expectations and our 2000 acre target looking within reach by months end. Then our neighbours harvester went up in flames, leaving him with 500 acres to cut and no readily available machine to replace it. Old George is past retirement age and was looking to do one last harvest next year and then contract out the farm to my estate, so he immediately bought his plans forward leaving us with the extra 500 acres to cut in a shortening window! Then came the cool damp weather as the crop all came fit at once. We couldnt kick on in the dull conditions as loses became unacceptable, it was clear a second machine would have to be called in, but when we rang around everyone else had done the same and nothing reasonable was left. But then came good ole Claas to the rescue, they offered to lend us one of their demo machines, an 8700 fitted with a vast convio header! Two days later we were starting too catch up and I realized this was the perfect harvester for us. As our 6900 was virtually new it could be used as a demo machine and after some arm twisting we came to a deal. Claas took the 8700 machine away for 4 days to complete outstanding demonstrations and then bought it back and took away the 6900. We have now almost completed 1500 acres with it in 2 1/2 weeks and the header is just awesome. We drilled the rapeseed in mid August with our Fendt 724 which then switched onto baling duties, relieving our new 936 for its cultivation duties, firstly some ploughing before its hooked to the Kockerling Vector. The 720 has been hauling bales along with our back up 820 tractor. Our JD 6250R has been busy with multiple tasks and is never found short on power unlike the smaller 6215R which has struggled a little in comparison. With this in mind when we were offered Doubledays demo tractor recently I quickly accepted. The second 6250R will arrive shortly after its final demonstration at Normac 2021. Our CASE 175 has spent all summer on the grain trailer and will shortly be on a maize trailer. The Fendt 720 is going onto the drill next and then a maize trailer as we have bought another ex demo tractor to replace it on the sprayer. I have admired the Valtra T tractor from afar for a while now and when I enquired what machines Thurlow Nunn had for sale and immediately available, the 6 month Valtra T234 was offered. Many of the main tractor makers are experiencing big problems with their suppliers presently and the back logs and delivery delays this has caused is sending secondhand values way up! So we bought the Valtra and have sat it on our sprayer taking the role occupied by the Fendt 720 which will now be used wherever needed. There is still a new maize trailer and a Bednar cultivator due to arrive but I suspect the cheque book will then have to be closed for a good while.
  17. I finally caught up with a local big farming companies Claas Lex 8900 last Saturday and it inspired me. I was so impressed with its 1380 convio header I decided I had to buy another Marge models claas combine with the replica header. Also much to my surprise, the 8900 didnt have the extended unloading auger!! So that made it ok too buy the model versions 8800 & 8700 which both have the standard auger. I also new I could swap the track units from my 6900 and its slimmer rear wheels with the chosen 8000 model, which are only available on wheels. So I decided I like the 8700 decal best which is basically the 780s replacement machine and can easily handle a 1380 header too. Here she is mopping up the remainder of harvest 2021😎 Quite why Marge couldnt have made all their Lexion TT models like this one I have no idea??
  18. Excellent work, I always thought that 1014 was crying out to be modified into a 600 series. The 699 brings back memories of my Saturday beet carting on a local estate...................mind you I never liked the between the legs gearshift😒
  19. I didnt get my hopes up for the new Valtra T 70th Anniversary and just as well. I thought we might at least see a new exhaust and pre cleaner which it should have as they have been on these machines since 2019 and 2020 was the commemorative year!! Very poor effort by Britains as weve had all the colours few people want. They should have made a black one and a grey one as they account for about 50%+ of all the real machines sales🙄
  20. Here you go Ben, Im quite often surprised at how skinny the tracks are on Lexions. I was watching a 8900 the other day and it had a very narrow track width. The model tracks are just right and look right as no one uses the wide versions Marge went with.
  21. I bought some Claas tracks off T & F models for £26 inc. Postage😎............I removed the existing set that next to no Claas models have and fitted the new..................Thats much better, and to top things off I tracked down the real thing working 20 miles away😉
  22. Nope, she will remain intact, the more I look at that excellent facelift series 3 model the harder I find it to believe that Valtra gave the gen4 Ts to Wiking! I mean I have done a lot of detail work on my white T to arrive at a similar standard to what UH achieved on the 163T. Hopefully the superb UH G series Valtras will get them the contract for the Ts Joe.
  23. As we may have too wait along time for any new Valtra T models to be made, I decided to try and make a Generation 2 version of the T4 machines which got released in 2019 and have just been replaced with new T5 series tractors. I recently bought a cheap Burago Valtra N series and noticed it had the latest exhaust and pre cleaner post fitted to it, so I removed them, sprayed them matt black to hide their cheap shiny look and then transplanted them onto a Wiking Valtra T. I then made a whole host of detail upgrades on the model including: New wheels (sprayed gloss black) , new tyres based on the popular R42/ 650/65, new beacons on stalks, extra detailing around cab windows including door hinges using 1mm plasticard painted black, drivers side windscreen wiper. Cab lights dabbed with metallic silver paint, plus added a driver. 2020 (70 reg) plate, dealer sticker, security sticker. Painted cab steps. Painted rear wheel centres and hub. All in all Im very pleased how she has turned out, perhaps Toys Farms could make some in more popular colours, as round here they are either metallic black or grey or green. Personally I really like white Valtras, especially with the black rims. Seeing as its impossible for the manufacturer to put the models number ID on the nose of these tractors Ive decided mine is a T234😎
  24. Ive started upgrading a Valtra T4 Gen 1 into a Gen 2................basically means changing the exhaust and pre cleaner pipes. Also adding a lot more detail to Wikings fairly decent effort. I noticed that the red ROS imitation N series model which is quite basic but has the Gen 2 pipes. So Im swapping them over onto the Wiking model, after spraying them matt black as they were too cheap and shiny looking. So far so good.
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