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Mr Walters.

Just a suggestion....but  would it be a possibility to make the new Massey Ferguson combines [made By ARGOLaverda]...?

I suggest this because this would theoretically give you the base model for 4 models i.e. the Laverda, the MF, the Challenger and the Fendt.. Not only would this bring some more unusual stock to the Britains ERTL range, but  4 different models with few dofferences except for livery. Im sure if one were release each year, they would fly off the shelves, and would keep the Euro League [Fendt, MF and Laverda] happy, and the American  Market [Challenger and MF  also happy]. also, you keep costs down by making the same combine 4 times.

Just a thought.


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i'd have the mf and fendt ones no problem,just one thing though bill,if you do,and for the current range also,could you please add a header trailer,like siku do,it does seem a little strange to have the removable header but nothing to put it on?sorry to whine,

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