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Bailing On Exmoor

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Still have a few customers who prefer little squares, a Job left to the MF 2685 Electronic. As many of you remember this tractor was bought from a dealer as scrap, and we repaired it ourselves to it's current condition. With a updated less worn second hand engine showing 2466 hours there's alot of life left in the old girl yet. The NH 940 is one of 2 owned by us, although this one get's more use as the hook for the sledge is still intact, this bailer has clocked up a remarkable 177.908 bales, the sledge was bought new in 1987 from Lister Wilder.

Here we're bailing just 2 miles west of Wheddon Cross.

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wheddon cross ? i know it well i used to deliver feed up round Luckwell bridge & timbescombe & luxbourough :) :)

in your 1:32 lorry ::)....sorry had to be said! ( i know you mean 1:1 ;):)!)

nice pics Luke, are we gonna see any harvest ones from you ???. Go on Marcus, you know you want too as well! ;D ;D

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Lovelly pics luke especially like the 2685 shes looking very nice now worth the effort for sure. ;D ;D ;D

One hint though lister wilders werent about then was either walter wilders (reading and wallingford) or Listers (devizes) dont think lister wilders formed till late 90's, my random fact of the year done :D

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