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8m Simba Cultipress

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Actually it was pretty simple to build, I only got the parts from spadling.  I have been designing it in my head for a while, but the structure of the lemken tool suits the change to the cultipress quite nicely.  If some one could solve the problem of getting the solo double D ring packers they could make quite a few quickly. 

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If any one is interested in making the tool the way I did it was.  1. I drilled of all the rivits leaving a blank frame, then painted orange 2. In the bracket that holds the disc and packer system I glued a diamond shape bar. 3. I glued the packers to the bar, one on each of the visible angles. 4. I built a frame to hold the wheels then glued it to the base of the frame. 

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I would be nice if you could do that, then there is a possiblity of making the 10.5m version.

Oh dave, the half tracks look amazing on the jd8530, I added my own set of flotation tyres to the front, and it really finishes it off.  I might post some pictures latter of it setup with the cultipress.

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