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MF 6140 with VHS

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Massey Ferguson 6140 with Vegitable Harvesting System.

All I have to do is finish the wings off and attach them, and then finish off the trailer.  Hopefully I will get it done before Christmas. 

I just thought I your see what you thought so far, and whether you can spot anything I need to modify.

I have nails that will run around the channel with a small cup shape on top, to make the cabbage collecting device.


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i expected to see a MF jammed in a video :D :D :D::)

Looks ok, just need the rear part done i guess or is it straight to a trailer (trailer i think??)

Whats it all made from again??

and will you produce more?

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The tractor has the chassis of a valtra c, and everything else is made out a plaststruct. 

I doubt I'll make any more because it is really fiddly and a few bits are a bit heath robinson.  But if any one is interested in making their own I can tell them the sizes of plaststruct I used.  Once you get into it it isn't a very difficult build.

The frame channel is made of two sections of U shaped plaststruct with a recetangular piece down the middle.  The grove leaves a channel that a nail head can follow around, then I will add a cup to each nail and join the nails together using wire so they follow around the veg line, from the field to the trailer.   

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Well I have been struggleing with the folding system for the wings, so I started work on the trailer.

I have been really impressed at how productive my day has been, considering this all start as a few lengths of plaststruct this moring.  Well maybe in the grand scheme of things, productive isn't the word, I'm sure my parents would suggest my time could have been better spent applying for jobs, but what the hey.

So I have the trailer nearly completed, what do you think.


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