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hi guys it back on at last,hurray,anyway,here's my mf290 convo i have been working on,it's on a 362 chassis,with the loader fixxed to the chassis with a pin and bonded to the front of the chassis,scratch built muck fork and grill guard.,got a bit of a dilema now,the one on the farm came with a duncan cab(i'llpost pic with the second lot),but they mainly used the tractor with a fold down roll bar as 3 of the piggerys were low roof,does anyone have any experiance with scratch built cabs as i'm stuck on it.how-ever i have also found out that with the 698t cab i have,i also makes a very pasable 690.what o you guys prefer

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the last picture of the model (290e), above the real version....although if you can get a cab like the real one, then i think it would look better....can you??

the only way to get the duncan style cab is srcatch build,problem is i can't get any dimensions as the company has gone bust.might just change the front wheel to the skinny 595 style and put the 690 cab on,it does look good that way,maybe look into the duncan cab at a later date

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the 362 floor pand and bonnet can make several different ranges of mf,i have a 390t,the 290,and the 698t so far,it's just different cabs,i'm looking at the 4wd option,got a axel fitted already with 135 wheels on,got to make the rears now,got a few more clearer pics to,when i get a chance i will post a a few pics of all my convo fergys,and the standard one to

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