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Silaging starts in East Devon


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Contractors moved onto the local dairy farm late yesterday afternoon to start silaging.  Caught up with them late in the evening at the clamp.  The contractors were using a Fendt 718 on the clamp and Fendt 716's and a 930 on trailer hauling.  The farmer was out hauling his trailer with his brand new JD 6330.....














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great pics pdh, what they building on the concrete base with the reinforcing mesh, a new silage pit perhaps?

We were discussing what the new base might be for.  Concensus was that it could be a slurry pit but I'm not sure, shape doesn't seem right.  I'll try and pop down again in a few months and see what's happened.

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Good pictures there mate......Like the wee Landini too......Something you don't see quite so often...... :) :) :);)

Do the Landini and the John Deere belong to the same lad then?

That's what I was told....though the farm has three of the Landini's in all

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its very rare to see fendts on a silage team but to have all to have them all fendts  :P

That's the only tractor the contractor will run....he has Fendt's permanently on order though he had to bring in three Deutz's recently as the order list for Fendt's is now so long they could not meet the required delivery dates!!

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Great pictures PDH and what an outfit wouldnt mind working for him :D :D

But wish that bloke would treat that 818 better there lovelly tractors he'll soon cook that engine if he carries on like that  :'( :'(

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Nearly as much silage on the tractor than in the pit - nice pics though

Do McConnell make their own loaders or are they badge engineered ???

Mc Connel are part of the US owned Alamo group...which also includes spearhead, Bomford, twose, Rhino, Schulte, SMA, Faucheux, woods [i think] and lots more. therefor i would guess that the british loaders [bomford, mcconnel and twose] come from a similar source

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