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jd 8530 with new lights fitted

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here we have and 8530 presision that deerehunter has fitted jew lights into for me, he as used 1/50 truck type lights, drilled the painted ertle ones out and inserted the jew ones, 19 in total :o will try and get some better pics tomorro but it has transformed the tractor no end, looks like the lights are switched on when the light hits them ;D



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;) i did say to Mike that as its quite a expensive model, i was a bit worried, but felt it needed improving with lights, it just let it down painted silver yuk yuk, but its turned out well i think. it was disaster at the begining, as i got 1/32 jewled lights off brian norman, dilled out the casings, but they looked far to small. but found that by putting in 1/50 scale lorry lights from there light bars hey presto they look right size ;D ;D ;D

just depends how confident you are with a drill ;)

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