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NC Dump trailer ready for casting

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Finished the latest NC dump trailer ready for casting. hope there will be enough interest, featuring indepentant suspension. sprung drawbar

All comments welcome

before and after models shown

some of the final details are not shown due casting complications



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looks the part mate, what did you use for the rams, roughly how much are these going to be if you put them into production?

I have used cars arieals for rams.

love it dan dont forget to put me down for one

just one question the wheels that come with it are they the marston ones or are they the ones you have on it before it goes to the casters i like the lather ones i think they look the best

I have used UH cargo wheels on mk2, but when cast they will be white metal with rubber tyres

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looks a lot better with the uh wheels on her, and your having these wheels cast eh white metal and rubber , mmm can see a few heading my way if you fancy selling a set or 2

indeed Sean!!!....sod the wedding! :D :D

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