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new life for MF362 cab

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often see these little chaps with no roof , lost years ago probably , so i have converted one to be a low profile roof version , ideal for the dairy farmer , & a new look for the model :)


cab apart with glass still intact


cut the center of the roof out ,so the edges  just stands proud of the glass roof


looks a bit like this, some fine sandpaper is used to get it all level


a replacement roof was cut from an old cassete case


glued into place


painted with plastikote smoke gray


leave to dry & then fit to tractor


another view


alongsde another 362 with original fitted cab


300 series fleet pic

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SPOT ON Marcus....  :o - What a fantastic idea mate... I can't believe that nobody has thought of it before now... hats off to you...

All the 300 series were available with the low profile cab I think... you would "straddle the gearbox" as apose to a platform hi-line cab... What a great way to "rescue" these little tractors and make them new again...

11/10  :o

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good convo there macus makes the bonnets look bigger in my eyes  :-\

nice little line up you have there to  :)

do you think so rich ? didn't take much notice really , not a bad little tractor i must admit , also had the 3 6180's out , but will have to update the massey pics soon anyway, ever changing line up

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Looks good sir,

I have a cab with the roof missing as well.

If you look at the early 300 series with the red roof and black cab, the shape of the roof is fairly similar to the Britains 362 cab minus the roof. The roof line of the early 300 series sits inside the line of the cab walls and sweeps backwards slightly. a Bit of filler and filling should get the Britains cab close to the shape of an early 300

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Isn't thast just THE BEST idea anyone on here has ever had Ryk... They transform that little tractor into something REALLY special..

Marcus... would they fit a 135 as well mate  ???

would be a bit big for a 135 marky but may suit it better if it was a 185 like seans done , the centers would need sleeveing to fit the 135 axle as well

not far off will , same tyres but from an old britains redland loader

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Shame.... I would love a 135 with those tyres... what about the Siku Grey Fergie Marcus... same story I guess mate  ???

far too big mate . but i may have an alternative  ;)  i just need a 135 though :-\

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I came, I saw, I liked it!! Nice little bit of work mate, you seem to be quite good at doing the little bits often other forget. The industrial, now the low pro roof. . Nice.

You grow it, we mow it!!  :D

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