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here is my old small display layout re worked, its no were near finished, still have some shed backs to make, shed floors to concrete, grass to lay, workshop to make/ fit out. straw yard is only a base colour, texture to add, same with sheep field, gates to paint etc.

getting fed up of seen everyone making fab layouts so i thought i would give it ago but only have space for this mini size (will be used for displaying Holderness Models products at shows/ photo pics)

open to constructive coments good/bad on it ;)



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so far so good. I guess you dont need a massive layout for Holderness models.....the tables are never big enough anyway ??? ???, you just needs some small displays for each model like Agrium did or one like you have ;):) :)

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yes sheep happy mandy, just waiting to be fed ;)  for the fence marcus i used the mesh i use to use on the bird feeders i made and sold then attached it to 6mm dowl drilled into the board ;)

yes it will be used at shows and for taking pics of models "at work" etc, no were near the standard of some peoples work but its a start and has to be knock proof as it will be moved about alot.

thanks for everyones kind words

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very nice mike, just needs a few ford tractors to finish it of.

funnily enough mike , fords are the absolute last thing you need on the display , we're used to seeing you with the deeres , & the 2640 2wd of course oh & maybe the wide wheeled 5455 as well  ;):D

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you will see various tractors on the layout, yes i like my jds but my collection covers all makes ;) the wide wheeled massey will be sat on it next weekend (at a show) with various other convos round it ;D

sheep fine now mandy, troughs turned up so  i got them feed and put water in one also ;) thanks they were spot on

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