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one for marky (Fanny's old uncle bob)

new holland driver

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nowt wrong whit the camrea just the operator

she i a c reg

she is all good till yopu take on t5he road

they wernt to good at a straght line i must say, on the road, well ours wasnt, one had a slightly bent steering arm for one???? wasnt me before you start, pulled a bit to the rigth, infact my cousin put it in the ditch after one trip

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If my memory is correct the first ones had 'power assisted' steering and there was a tiny screw to adjust centering on top of the valve block......1/8th turn could spell disaster  ;D

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as you say these young lads have it too easy with these fancy tractors with climate control, mp3 players, axle/cab suspension, 40/50k auto gear boxes etc  im only 27 but when i was riches age a 690 was a great tractor to drive and still are. i admit if i had the money i would have a nice shinney new tractor but i dont and have the 1981 jd 3040, great to drive, comfortable does the job i want and is worth a fraction of a new tractor BUT does just the same job ;) and the repair bills are much less due to less electrics to go wrong :o

i think there is more driver skill to driving the older tractors, anyone can drive a new one (within reason)

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