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mf 5455 based on a UH ttv

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welcome to the massey massive mate , beer's free, but the twiglets are ?1 per stick , go see marky & he's give you a badge with yer name spelt badly on it & of course your massive member number  :D :D :D

looks like you've quite a collection there mate  :)  but where's the 5455on a ttv chassis ?

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Well done Johnny MF.. Great to see some 1:16's in the background there mate... lets see the whole collection please  ;)

As for the twiglets... they are now "out of date" ... so they are ?1.50 a pack... well.. makes them more sought after  ;)

And hurry up with that 5455 post please  ;D

Keep up the good work brother  ;)

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more of my colection

recentley i bought the MF98 from special cast this picture's  are taken a year a go

my colection contain about 325 models of difrent company's (case,ford,new holand,john deere,lanz.......................................)

But i reader prefer massey-ferguson,ferguson massey harris

I own a MF165 that i restorated my self this type whit a A4 212 Engine from 1968

maybe I right the things wrong in english but i am trying real hard to do it right!!!!! ;) ;) ::)



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Thats quite a challenge Marky!!  :)

Not half Tris...

What a collection... superb  :-* - Thanks for sharing... and what a 165 as well... Marcus will want that little lady  :-*:-*

I'll take you some pics of my lot when I get home tonight.. there are some old pics on here somewhere.. but I'll take a fresh lot for you as my collection has grown since then a little  ;)

I like they way they are right next to your bed as well... I will be asking Mrs F if I can sleep with mine as well  :D :D

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I can't see the UH MF combine?

Still a nice collection though  ;D


wel i don't have the combine from UH because the combine's i have already where all presents or verry cheap!

And i comebine's ar nice to see but they take a lot off space on the shelfs!

Last i won a CAT combine from norscot in a lotery but the space that one needs!!!!!!!!

Now some models are hiding behind the combine!!!!!!!

But the colection is stil growing maybe in the futere

And thanx to the masseymasive

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Oh by the way marky

My beatyfull MF165 is not for sale!!!! I've got it now about some 5years and it is still not finished because the cab is now in restoration!

And the 165 is now olmost a year like this! Last saturday i put on the new tyres! The photo is taken yesterday!

And many peopele ask if i want to sell my baby but you can't sell you're own child to!!! ;) ;) ;D

And my girlfriend thinks its great to have the collection in the bed room!

So come on mrs f and let marky have his colection right next the bed than he sleeps much better and in the morning he wake's up and looks and the whole day marky will be smilling ;D ;D ;D

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