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the rest of the colection of johny mf

Johny mf

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thanx to all Mate's


Oh marky question ???:

do you've got only massey's or are there also other brand name's in youre collection ???

the whole collection is now about 250 models +/- (only tractors and combine's)

And 50 implements +/-

and there about 70MF models in it :-* and about 50John deere's :-*

And then all the others:claas,Same,Landini,Volvo BM,Lanz,Pampa,URSUS,Mc Cormick,Case,Steyer,New holland,Fiat,renault,Ford,Deutz,schluter,Caterpilar,Valmet,Porsche,Eicher,JCB,Mercedes Benz and Fendt.


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Well... technically Johny... I only collect MF... although recently I have been buying (but not displaying) all the ltd. edition 1:32's that come out.... I have a few Fendt's and McCormicks and the odd Deutz I think... But I am not really sure what direction to go in now... I won't have the room for many more models without having to have another cabinet... and Mrs F has given me the red card on that one mate.

I do have a few JCB pieces in a cabinet at work as well... but once again... I can't seem to muster the desire to take it any further really  :-\

I have not counted my models... but I would say I have around 120-140 MF models currently in my collection  :-\

I am more into brochures these days - that collection is growing nicely  ;D

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I ve got also about 6000 til 7000 brochures of al kind of machinery and tractors

The last time i counted it where 6356 brochures and that was a year or 4 ago

i don't count it any more to much time to do it!

My colection is stil growing whit models and brochures but in time i must sell something because i need more space to put them all away!

And i tell my self you must make a yoice whit brands do you keep and what go's away! :'( :'(

But one thing is for sure MF STAYS!!!!

And marky have you got this model to off the MF from Yaxon ???



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