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David Brown/Case 1194 or 1190 Coversion??????

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nice one newholland thax  :)

i thoght of the 135 being more closer to the DB 885 witch was then replaced directly by the DB CASE 1190 i wouldent use the 595 chassis as the sump is higher at the front (something all post 71 internationals have though)if i were to do a 1490 i would choose a ford 6600 but intill then i dont mind canabalizing a 135 i olny paid ?2 or ?3 a couple of weeks ago

I think if i grind down off the seat down to the rear axel chop off the steerin collum spray david brown colour red to the chassis then spray the cab black bar the top wtch would be white put some interior cab detail in like a console and seat a couple of leavers  i might have ago a doing the bonnet (the hardest i think) what do you recon

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either the same as before painted orange since the 135 had them and DB 885s had more or less the same size rear whells OR may bee the ones you get on the britains 5000 (a bit thin for the size and i think it might tip the whole tractor forward too much ill have to see )

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Well i might get naughty and cast the 135 in the pic as it is a bit loose ,so splitting it would be no problem and try my first attempt at squidje moulding then have a resin cast that i can chop up ,then i can rebuild the 135 at a later date ,

doing it that way means i can get the chassis right and im not killing a good 135  8)  8)

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